Upgrading your garage door can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home. For what is a relatively small cost compared to other renovation purchases, a new garage door can boost your home’s street appeal and have a huge impact when it comes to first impressions if you’re looking to sell your home.

In the annual Cost v Value Report by Zonda Media, which looks at which renovations deliver the best return on investment, garage door replacement came in at second place. The report found that recent and long-term trends showed that kerb appeal projects generated a higher return on investments than improvements inside the home. Homeowners who invested in garage doors recouped more than 100% of their investment.

A garage door can make up as much as 40% of a home’s front façade. So homeowners shouldn’t underestimate the impact a garage door upgrade can have on a home’s kerb appeal. The garage door is a main entrance for many homeowners and more and more people are beginning to see that the garage is more than just a space to park a car, it can be a valuable amenity for those looking for extra room in the home.

Here are a few reasons why replacing your old garage door is a great investment.

1. Upgraded front façade will boost your sale price

An outdated front façade can decrease the value of your home when it comes time to sell your property. The average buyer will likely drive on past your house if poor first impressions fail to draw them inside. So if your old garage door is looking a little tired, consider how installing a new door will boost your home’s kerb appeal.

To purchase the right garage door, match it with the style of your home and use existing paint colours on the exterior trims of your house on siding, windows and the roof for inspiration.

No matter your budget, a new garage door will have potential buyers knocking on your door.

2. A new garage door will be more energy efficient

The environmental factors of a new garage door are undeniable. Being that a garage door is a large opening into your home, poor insulation can add substantially to your heating and cooling costs.

Modern garage doors are insulated. This not only helps keep your entire home cooler and summer and warmer in winter, it also helps to keep out outside noise making the door quieter to operate.

3. A new garage door will have better safety features

As most new garage doors are automatic, they also offer a range of safety features to keep your family safe. For example, Australia’s largest garage door manufacturer, Steel-Line, has garage doors with an Auto Reverse System as standard. This ensures the door stops and reverses if it comes into contact with an object. For extra safety, they can also fit your garage door with a Photo Eye feature which uses electronic beams to detect obstructions.

Steel-Line has also won awards for its Finger Proof Safety feature on its sectional doors. This feature prevents fingers from becoming trapped in the folding sections of the doors and also seals out the weather.

4. New garage doors are easier to operate

Most modern garage doors are quieter and easier to operate thanks to automation. And modern doors can be fitted with a larger range of features for safety and convenience.

In the case of a power outage, battery backups help the garage door opener function as if the power was still on and they can often last years without the need to be serviced. These handy devices do away with the need for emergency release cords that can be difficult and dangerous to use.

These days garage door openers can also be installed on your phone. This means no expensive replacements should you lose your remote opener. This option can also be safer as you won’t have to leave your garage door openers in your car.

5. New garage doors require less maintenance

If your old garage door is made of wood, you’ll understand how much maintenance can be required to keep it looking good and free of pests. Modern garage doors offer more variety when it comes to looks and materials.

If it’s been a few years since you replaced your garage door, you might be surprised to find the range of different colours they are now available in, including timber-look. Modern materials such as polycarbonate not only improve the thermal qualities of your garage, it can also help light up a dark space for multi-purpose living.

How to know if your garage door needs an upgrade

If you find some of the following issues with your garage door, it might be time to replace it.

  • Older than 30 years
  • Damage that affects the door’s functionality
  • If it’s outdated and negatively impacts kerb appeal
  • The door is warped or rusted or its structural integrity is compromised
  • Outdated hardware
  • If it’s making a noise, labouring or jerky when being operated

Want to learn more about getting a new garage door? Here are some things to consider before you replace your garage door with a new one.


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