Heritage sectional garage door in Colorbond® Surfmist® with Stockton windows.

Updating your Garage Door

Is it time to refresh your front façade or replace your old faithful garage door that just isn’t working the way it used to? If yes, then there are several things to consider before committing to a new garage door. Firstly, why are you replacing your current garage door?

  • Is your garage door or motor damaged?
  • Is it time to refresh your front façade?
  • Would you like a low maintenance alternative?
  • Do you require a non-car garage door?
  • Or are you building a new home or carport?

Whatever your requirement may be, whether you need a new motor, entirely new garage door or a simple garage door opener replacement, our team can help and get your garage door running better than ever.

Style and Colour

Now it’s time for the fun part, picking the style and colour of your garage door.

We have a great range of styles and colours to choose from, including our most popular looks, the classic Colorbond sectional door or roller door. The Timber look series gives you the beautiful look and feel of timber but the strength and durability of steel, or if you are after something a little different, our custom collection offers an endless list of possibilities.

Another way to find the right garage door is by comparing different colours against your home and choosing the colour that best suits your needs. For example, if you want to minimise the appearance of your garage, paint the doors the same colour as your siding. This will reduce the visual attention it receives from the street. If you want to add character to your home and draw attention to your garage’s design, choose a garage door with accented colours such as traditional white or other light colours like natural wood grain.

If you are having trouble picturing how it will look, check out our online Visualiser here. Simply upload a photo or use a preload image and try out the designs to find what will suit your style and home.

Environmental Factors

You will also need to consider the environmental conditions where you live. For example, we can include a coastal upgrade pack to offer enhanced protection against the elements for a coastal region. In addition, you may need to consider a wind-rated door if you live somewhere prone to storms or cyclones or if you live in a fire zone; a BAL-rate door may be required.

Whatever your requirements are, the team at Steel-Line can bring their decades of expertise and garage door knowledge to provide the best solution for your needs and budget.

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