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Coastal homes can be one of the most rewarding places to live, although building in such a desirable location doesn’t come without some special considerations. The corrosive nature of salt from the ocean is a major concern with coastal properties and can effect many exterior material selection decisions.

If you live in coastal areas, it’s necessary to engineer your garage door a little differently to ensure it withstands the particular stresses it may be subject to and minimise the potential damage to your home and the things you value most inside of them.

We’ve pulled together this coastal upgrade pack from our first hand experience and research for all garage doors that are located within 1500 meters of the ocean or a body of salt water.

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coastal garage door

Powdercoated Tracks

Our marine grade powdercoated* tracks are specifically engineered to withstand marine environments to prolong the life of your door.

Powdercoated Brackets

The powdercoated* brackets are ideal for sectional doors in the coastal area. We use a specific grade of powdercoat to provide protection, durability and performance.

Powdercoated Hardware

Powdercoating* provides a protective barrier for extra protection and adds to the steel’s durability, helping the hardware withstand damages better and last longer.

* : COLORBOND® Textura® Monument® colour only.

Brush Seals

Our nylon brush seals are made from anodised aluminium with black brush filaments. They are rated as UL94-V2 and are suitable for use as ember protection and sealing garage doors as per AS3959. The brush seal can help reduce and prevent salt, sand, dust, smoke, draughts, light, insects and bushfire embers from entering your garage.

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Stainless Steel Cables

Our stainless steel cables are made from G316 stainless steel (marine grade). The passive layer not only offers greater protection against the coastal elements, but also look fantastic for many years to come.

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Roller Door Motors

Coastal Upgrade Packs are available for motorised roller doors only as they exclude the manual lock due to the ease of corrosion. Our automatic openers are an additional charge and are engineered to the highest standards ensuring easy operation, optimum performance, long life and peace of mind.

All of our roller door motors come with standard safety features:

  • Soft Start/Stop Function
  • LED Courtesy Light
  • Auto Safety Reverse
  • Manual Release
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