There are so many reasons why a Steel-Line DecoWood® timber look sectional garage door is a great alternative to a timber garage door for your garage.

DecoWood garage doorThere’s no doubt that a real timber garage door looks terrific. However, a timber garage door is generally very costly in terms of both time and money.  Depending on the size and type of timber, it’s highly unlikely to see any change from $5,000 for this type of garage door.  Consider also the ongoing maintenance required for a timber door in terms of frequent cleaning and re-applying protective coatings every 12 to 18 months.  If protective coatings aren’t reapplied frequently, then preparation time and costs continue to mount.  For example, if the protective coating begins to peel or the timber fades, the garage door will need to be sanded and any dents, holes and other imperfections filled before applying the coating.

Add to this the potential for the timber to warp, rot, split and the fact that that timber is susceptible to termites and borers and is highly combustible and you can see why although a timber garage door looks great, there are many disadvantages in owning one.

Consider on the other hand a DecoWood® sectional garage door only available from Steel-Line Garage Doors.  A garage door made from Australian-made steel and due to the unique two-stage photo-imaging and powder coating process, virtually impossible to pick the difference when compared with a timber garage door.  Just like a real timber garage door, your DecoWood® garage door also looks terrific because it really does look like real timber!

Your DecoWood® garage door has many additional advantages over timber because it won’t warp, rot, or split, is not combustible is not affected by termites or borers and is guaranteed against fading for years.  Forget all the preparation time and effort that comes with maintaining a real timber garage door.  All that’s required to maintain your DecoWood® garage door is the occasional wash down with warm soapy water and hose off.  Combined with the fact that your DecoWood® garage door is significantly cheaper to purchase than a timber garage door, there really is no comparison.  Before spending a mountain of money on a real timber door which could cost you more and more in time and money after your purchase, seriously consider a DecoWood® sectional garage door by Steel-Line Garage Doors.

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