Top 5 Garage Accessories to Have in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne and want to take your humble garage door to the next level? Has your garage door seen better days, or are you just looking to spruce up your home? You may be surprised how easily you can improve your door with just an accessory or two. Renovating your garage door is not only one of the most cost-efficient ways to add value to your home, but garage door accessories have a range of practical uses that will improve your door’s functionality and safety.

Garage Door Openers

Tired of having to get out of the car on rainy days just to open the garage door? Perhaps your back isn’t what it used to be and opening the garage is just one more strain. There are many benefits to automating your manual garage door. A garage door opener is one of those accessories that once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

For anyone with a manual door, the fantastic news is that, in most cases, a garage door opener can be installed on a pre-existing door. Be aware that because there are different types of garage doors, sectional and roller doors being the most common, you’ll just need to make sure you’re buying an opener that suits your door.

SD800 garage door opener 1-min

There are a wide range of benefits to having an automated door over a manual including:

  • More Convenient: No need to get out of the car to open the door. It’s not hard to see how an automated door is more convenient than a manual door.

Garage Door Openers usually come with a range of features including:

    • Remote handset and courtesy light: Avoid stumbling through the night and enjoy the added safety of light.
    • Door-stop programming: Do you need to leave the door open just enough to allow parcel deliveries or let the dog go out? Door-stop programming allows you to leave your garage open at a variety of heights.
    • Auto-reverse system: No one wants their garage door to hit their car or anything else on the way down. The auto-reverse system causes the door to retract when it detects an obstruction.
    • In-built safety timer: No more panicking about whether you left the door open when you’re out and about, as the safety will shut your garage door after a designated time.
    • Quiet operation: Everyone wants to stay on their neighbour’s good side and with a quiet garage door, you won’t wake anyone up when you get back late from a night on the town.


In the last decade, smart devices have gone from being the latest thing to an everyday part of our lives. Now you can bring your garage door into the 21st century with the Powermesh and Zimi Cloud. Easy to install, the Powermesh will connect your garage door to all your smart devices, allowing you to operate your door from wherever you and your phone are.

  • Your phone can be your remote
  • Keep an eye on your door from anywhere through the Powermesh App
  • Flight Path Technology – provides the option of opening your door to various heights.
  • Eliminate the need for spare keys

There’s so much the Powermesh can add to your garage door, that we have an entire article dedicated to its benefits, so why not have a look?

powermesh garage door controller

Garage Door Insulation

With environmental concerns on everyone’s mind and the rising costs of energy bills, there’s never been a better time to consider an insulated garage door. Garages aren’t just used for storing cars, with many doubling as gyms, home offices, or even an extra area for parties and gatherings. Along with helping your home stay cooler in summer, and warmer even in the most brutal Melbourne winter, insulation has other benefits including:

  • Add extra durability to your door.
  • Provide extra noise insulation to your garage
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Lower your carbon footprint

For more information on garage door insulation, click here.

close up of garage door insulation

Photo Electric Beams

Safety is always a top priority, and this is especially true when you have a family. Installing Photo Electric Beams will give you that extra peace of mind, as your door will be able to detect obstructions and immediately retract. This could be a small child, a dog running in, or some boxes that weren’t quite as out of the way as you thought.

Safety accessories like the photoelectric beams only need to work once to pay for themselves, so they are worth the investment for anyone with a family or those who want to protect their property.

a laser beam in front of a business person's feet

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