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Here at Steel-Line, we are so much more than just a manufacturing warehouse for industrial and residential garage doors.  We are creators, innovators and design enthusiasts who make every effort to bring your project ideas to life.  We utilise the very best in innovative processes and high-quality materials to create aesthetic, modern door designs.  This is just an overview of why we think you should choose Steel-Line as your roller door supplier, but we have broken down some of our best qualities here so you can see for yourself why we are the best.

Our Roller Door Range

We have an exclusive range of roller doors for garages or industrial sheds that are unique.  We use top-of-the-line materials and a unique profile which makes our roller doors tougher, quieter, and more reliable than others.  To be specific, the roller door curtain has a unique roll formed profile that is engineer-designed for superior strength, without compromising on looks.  We offer additional features to our roller doors including a ventilated profile, which creates an effective airflow, or a tapered bottom panel which is perfect for garage floors that slope across the opening.

For industrial roller doors, we use our high-quality materials to provide you with excellent strength and durability.  Ideal for light industry and low cycle applications, our industrial roller doors come equipped with nylon webbing, which ensures many years of quiet and smooth operation.  Not only that, we can also upgrade you to a motorised operation giving you the simplicity of hassle-free opening and closing.

Quality Features of Our Roller Doors

Steel-Line is door designers, not just manufacturers, and so offering you additional innovative features is our specialty.  We have many special additions to our roller doors that make our rollers cutting-edge in the industry including:

  • Centre Lock – All our residential roller doors come with a centre lift lock. We have really thought of your real-world situations and provide you a windlock solution, if you are situated in a region that is prone to cyclones or high wind.  
  • Aluminium Guides for AA/B Roller Doors – This feature gives you an additional option to attach a brush seal for an added level of protection from smoke, dust, draughts, salt, light, insects, and bushfire embers.
  • Aluminium Bottom Rail – This is an engineer-designed feature of heavy-duty extruded aluminium along the bottom rail, which is used to strengthen the bottom panel of the garage door.  This rail also incorporates a specially designed weather seal protruding from durable PVC and protects against the elements.
  • Nylon Webbing – Adding nylon felt webbing to each side of the door curtain minimises noise as it eliminates any metal-on-metal contact.  Not only does this nylon webbing keep your doors operating quieter, but it also contributes to the longevity of your door!
  • Roller Door Openers – Fit your roller door with an automatic opener for hassle free entry to and exit from your garage or shed. Our roller door openers come with standard safety features, such as auto safety reverse, manual release and inbuilt safety timer. 
  • Extensive Colour Range – Our Steel-Line roller doors come in an extensive range of colour options, made from genuine top-quality BlueScope Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel.  Combine the high quality with a wide range of colours and smooth operation, your Steel-Line roller door will stand the test of time.
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With an extensive network of warehouses and offices across Australia, we have the added ability of being fully customisable with every project that comes our way. You can contact us for a free measure and quote from our experts and see how Steel-Line can bring your ideas to life.

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