Enhance the Look of Your Home

Roller doors are often underestimated when considering the appearance of a house.

When it comes to adding curb appeal to a house, most of us rank landscaping, upgrades to the mailbox or a fresh lick of paint high on the list. While all these features are important, the installation of a high-quality garage door is one of the strongest statements you can make.

A garage is one of the most noticeable elements of the external facade. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable. Although there are a variety of garage doors to consider, roller doors have become a great option in Australia. Choosing a garage roller door will enhance your home’s appearance as well as provide a number of benefits.

How to enhance your home with roller doors

A new garage roller door can lift the appearance of your home as well as boost its value. There are what seems like an infinite number of design selections available. Understandably, the plethora of choices can seem like a minefield to any homeowner. To help shed some light on how a roller door can enhance the look of your home, discover our top four tips.

Pick the right style

The architectural style of your home will form the foundation for choosing the most complementary type of roller door. As an example, a traditional Victorian-fashioned home will look better with a timber-styled roller door whilst a contemporary exterior blends well with a steel minimalist aesthetic. Bear in mind that your garage door doesn’t have to emulate the look of your house. Consider a roller door style that matches the overarching appearance of the architecture, including your pavers, landscaping regions and external finishes.

Unictoe Lux Roller Door

Colour selection 

Colour is one of the most creative ways to add finesse to your home. Thankfully, the days when roller doors came in a single commercial colour are behind us. Now you can blend your garage door with the rest of the house by mimicking its colour palette or you can be bold and utilise contrasting colours. Residential decorators often match a roller garage’s hues to specific features on the house such as the door, guttering, window or screen trims and even the roof. This creates a sophisticated harmony across the façade from one side to the other.

Roller Door in Colorbond Monument

Automate the experience 

Even though all garage roller doors can be opened manually, motorising this function with an automatic roller door opener adds another degree of style and advantage to your home. Not only does it make entering and exiting your house faster and more convenient, but it also safeguards you from any extraneous elements such as rain, hail or a wild storm.

Roller Door Opener

Rolling with the extras

Rolling garage door accessories and optional extras can offer further enhancements to your home.  Why not opt for a ventilated profile on your residential roller door and increase the airflow by up to 9% more than standard garages? Or, how about selecting nylon felt webbing gripping each side of the roller door curtain that optimises the longevity of the garage? These products often lift the value of homes by improving functionality and daily operation. 

Perforated Roller Door

What are the benefits of roller doors?

Once seen as the domain of commercial areas, roller doors have now become the primary choice for most residential homes. It’s no surprise given their ease of use, range of styles and modern accessories.

Before selecting the best garage door solution for your needs, it’s wise to learn some information about their benefits.

        • Structurally strong.
        • Whether you’re riding out a storm or keeping the heat out, the well-insulated roller doors are the best way to negotiate the harsh Australian climate whilst saving money on utility bills.
        • Corrugated metal sheets ensure that roller doors stand the test of time and don’t need to be replaced for years on end.
        • They are made to measure and can be matched easily to the style, design and colours of your home. Bespoke roller door designs can meet almost all expectations.
        • Due to the rolling mechanism where the roller doors open and close vertically above the entrance, they don’t get in the way and save space.
        • There is no need to lift a garage door manually. With automation and a garage door opener, everyone can operate the roller doors conveniently and smoothly at the press of a button.
        • You won’t burn a hole in your pocket with the price of a roller door. They are one of the most budget-friendly of all garage doors.

How easy are garage roller doors to install and maintain?

Your garage door installation is a simple and quick process. Once your order is finalised over the phone, the customer service team will initiate communication with the supplier and installer. Together they will finalise the best product for your needs and make sure it complies with the terms of the warranty. Installation occurs in a timely manner, taking roughly four to six hours for most roller door systems, and there is little to no disruption to your daily routine.

Once installed, roller doors are very easy to use and maintain. You’ll be happy to know that due to their high level of durability, any calls to the dealer for their repair will be few and far between. In fact, a rolling garage door can last up to 30 years if well looked after.

It goes without saying that looking after your garage door and opener will fortify its longevity and smooth operation. Checking the condition of your garage door regularly and taking action if there are any repairs required is generally the most you have to do. By following the manufacturer’s maintenance checklist and service recommendations, you will enjoy your new roller garage door, openers and remotes for many years to come.

Are you interested in adding a roller garage door to your residential home?

Choosing a roller garage door has become one of the most effective ways to enhance a home.

By adding your own unique style and colour, you can create a striking entrance that will be the envy of your neighbours. Take advantage of all the benefits that a customisable rolling door can provide. With the added convenience of using a roller door opener, it’s no wonder customers are enjoying their quality roller doors.

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