We hear what Holly from @RENO_GALS thinks about our garage doors and her tips for renovating for profit!

You need to consider the whole style and picture the finished product before making individual choices. Cohesiveness throughout the entire design gives that beautifully thought out, finished look at the end!

Holly Docherty

home renovation

When it comes to renovating so many people ask, “where do I start?”  It can be a very overwhelming process, let’s just wind that back for a moment, what about even finding a house to begin with?! Let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to buy or build our dream home straight off the bat so you may need to settle for something that meets your needs but needs a little tweaking here and there. This is where the renovating process starts.  Whether you are just changing the curtains, knocking out a wall, gutting an entire bathroom or building a massive extension and double carport/garage like we did with project 3, we will give you some tips to get you on your journey!

We could go on and on and there is so much advice out there but here are some simple tips we stick to when renovating for profit.

Make the house a home, finish everything so that it’s move in ready for the next owner, tidy every garden bed, paint the fences, paint the driveway and make the porch entry pop with a coloured front door and cute door knocker, add a front entry gate and some pot plants to style, place a some coat hooks at the front door, think about what would be practical and homely to you and renovate as if you were doing it for a loved one!

white garage door

If you’re colour blind or just unsure of what colour goes with what, stick to neutral tones.  White and light is always a winner and makes things appear larger! Our house colour was very close to the Colourbond Surfmist colour so we wanted a bright white contrast and we loved Steel-Line’s Perisher White garage door. Perisher White contains no other pigment except for white, creating the softest most sympathetic colour without the colder blue undertones of a brilliant white.

Make the house functional and as practical as possible. Everyone wants their cars covered and protected if possible. This starts with driving into the driveway! A carport is great, it puts a roof over your cars, but it still doesn’t feel  finished. This is where Steel-Line garage doors come into play. Make sure to factor it into your budget as it just adds that extra level of luxe and finish to your home! 

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