Custom Collection Sectional Flush Mount Garage Door with Knotwood cladding

Application: Residential
Product Range: Custom-designed Garage Door 
Finish: Custom Flush Mount Sectional Door with Knotwood cladding
Location: Nelson Bay, NSW

Embracing the Latest Trends

Embracing the latest trends, harmonise your facade with a Flush Mount Garage Door to create a seamless appearance to the front of your home. At Steel-Line, we have proudly supplied a Custom Collection Sectional Flush Mount Garage Door with Knotwood cladding. All made to order, we are focused on personalised experiences to achieve the picture-perfect home to suit any aesthetic.

Available in a wide range of finishes, including Aluminium Composite Panels and Decowood Battens, our Flush Mount Garage Doors bring a sleek and modern look to every home.

The integrated cladding materials make the door appear to be part of the building’s wall system or make a statement with your personal moving work of art. You will only notice it when the door is open. They are perfect for architecturally designed buildings giving the exterior cladding a continuous look and essentially making the door invisible.

Key features:

  1. Beautiful seamless integration with a hidden garage appearance for a sleek aesthetic.
  2. A wide range of cladding materials chosen by builders or clients.
  3. Designed for weights up to 175kg for tilt doors, and 250kg for a sectional door.
  4. Durable and easy maintenance.

Architecturally designed, its open floor plan, abundant amenities and modern luxury throughout will make your stay more than comfortable and unforgettable. You can book your stay in Port Stephens NSW at The Ridge to accommodate up to fourteen guests. For more information on this property or to book visit The Ridge Nelson Bay | Luxury Accommodation

The Ridge Nelson Bay

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    Builder: Greenbuild Construction
    Photos: The Ridge Nelson Bay

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