Steel-Line Helped Renovate HoyPoy’s Home

Before Renovation

After Renovation

HoyPoy Family

Application: Residential

Product RangeColorbond garage door

Finish: Colorbond steel

Location: Kingsley, Western Australia

Steel-Line has joined forces with Matt and Kim to the Rescue to help transform the HoyPoy family’s lives.  Our staff members were proudly involved in delivering a Colorbond sectional garage door to the well-deserving WA family.

The HoyPoy Family’s Story

Sallie HoyPoy, a young mother of four girls, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite intensive treatment including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer has spread to her bones and is at stage 4.

Just before Christmas last year, her 15-year-old daughter Zoe was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer which has spread to her ovaries and colon.

The HoyPoys’ dated and dark 1970s home has taken a back seat to the family’s health concerns, and whilst husband Ryan has done his best to maintain the home, it’s definitely in need of some serious love to accommodate their growing family:Brianna (13), Lacey(9), Imogen (7) and Zoe.

Matt said: “The story of the HoyPoys is simply heartbreaking. But through all of their pain is an amazing family unit that Australia will fall in love with. Strong, athletic, positive and ultimately resilient.

“We are honoured to help the HoyPoy family, but we couldn’t have done this without the amazing generosity of the community. Thank you to all involved. The end result is just breathtaking.”

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