Colorbond Garage Door for Lancini Homes

Application: Residential

Product RangeColorbond sectional garage door

Finish: Colorbond steel

LocationTownsville, QLD

Take a look at this well-designed modern home built by Lancini Homes in Townsville. The possibilities are endless. This home is a great example of how design and excellent workmanship can marry together and create a house that is not only functional but that makes a true statement of prestige and quality. From the moment you enter this house, you immediately appreciate that every selection criteria had been met when building this home in Townsville. At Steel-Line, we proudly supplied Lancini Homes with a stylish Colorbond Flatline sectional garage door, which aligned with the design of the rest of the house.

Lancini Homes is one of the leading builders in Townsville of contemporary homes. They take every aspect of living in North Queensland and included them in their fantastic projects. For more information, please call 07 4773 3999 or visit

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