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Be the envy of your neighbourhood with a Steel-Line Flush Mount Garage Door

Application: Residential

Product Range: Flush Mount Garage Door

Finish: Flush Mount Garage Door with 38x16mm SM Battens in White Ash

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Steel-Line’s flush mount garage door blends in your façade with the cladding of your choice to create a seamless appearance to the front of your home. Flush Mount means the surface of the garage door and the external wall surrounding it are on the same plane. 

The integrated cladding materials make the door appear to be part of the building’s wall system or make a statement with your personal moving work of art. You will only notice it when the door is open. They are perfect for architecturally designed buildings giving the exterior cladding a continuous look and essentially making the door invisible.

Why choose a Flush Mount finish?

  • Beautiful seamless integration with a hidden garage appearance for a sleek aesthetic
  • A wide range of cladding materials chosen by builders or clients
  • Durable and easy to maintenance

Knotwood Australia

The material used on this particular Flush Mount Garage Door is Knotwood Australia. Knotwood offers a combination of aluminium profiles that are versatile and customisable, making them perfect for creating beautiful and maintenance-free garage doors.

Minimal gaps were used between batten joins to create uninterrupted vertical lines.

Builder: Resolve Construction

Product: Knotwood Australia

Photographer: Kristian Vanderbeek

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