Adore Home Magazie | Scarborough QLD

Application: Residential

Product Range: Colorbond Sectional Garage Door

Finish: Slimline Sectional Garage Door in Colorbond Perisher White

Location: Scarborough QLD

Photography Mark Zeidler, Coast Park Creative

We had the privilege of supplying and installing this beautiful perisher white garage door. In addition, we got an insight into how the homeowner and Adore Magazine editor has renovated the front of her family home. 

Welcome, Loni Parker Adore Home editor.

“A year in the making, the front of our house is pretty much fully finished. We converted an ugly brown brick house into a white weatherboard dream! Here’s how we did it.”

Parker describes the house as a typical 90s suburban home with no character and an odd layout (oversized old air conditioner, unfortunately, installed at the front of the home). When the air condition unit overheated and caught firer, it was time to upgrade and relocate, creating a beautiful open space. See below images of the home before and after the renovations.



As you can see in the above images, there was only a single-car driveway and a small gate. Adding a carport, Parker was hesitant, saying, “The custom-made carport was a big-ticket purchase, costing close to $22,000. I kind of hesitated about it – and I wish I hadn’t, because I love it now that it’s here!”. The carport has provided a safe, sheltered place for their car and has given the entrance of the home more life and created a more prominent looking footprint. Homestyle Living provided the build and design of the carport; they are a company that specialises in carport builds and can take care of everything from start to finish (including the council approval process). 

The finishing touch on the carport was the sectional garage door we provided. Parker chose the Slimline profile in Perisher WhitePerisher white is a premium Colorbond colour, but this crisp white matches the home’s exterior perfectly. If white isn’t your colour, we have a wide range of colorbond colours which you can view here. 

“I’m so thrilled with how it looks and how it provides some privacy from the street. It’s the cherry on top of the carport!” says Parker. 


You can read more about this beautiful home transformation here, where Parker shares details on all the external areas of her home, including paint colours, cladding, landscaping, suppliers used and even the budget. 



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