Steel-Line ZTKP Wireless Digital Keypad


Model Number: 30-900-5050
Compatible with Steel-Line SD800, Steel-Line SD1200, Steel-Line RD800, Steel-Line RD1200, SPRINT800SD, SPRINT1200SD, SPRINT800RD, SPRINT1200RD, MUSTANG openers.
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Genuine Steel-Line ZTKP Wireless Digital Keypad.

​This weather-resistant keypad is a convenient device for multiple user access. Keypads are perfect for the family, trades people, or even just going for a walk. Access your home through the garage when you leave your keys and handsets at home.

Compatible with the following openers:

  • Steel-Line SD800
  • Steel-Line SD1200
  • Steel-Line RD800
  • Steel-Line RD1200
  • SPRINT1200SD
  • SPRINT1200RD

Each handset is supplied with:

  • 1 x Genuine Steel-Line ZTKP Digital Keypad
  • 1 x Pre-installed battery
  • 1 x Fixing Accessories

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