Not sure which garage door configuration will work best for you? Whether you’re building for the first time or looking to convert your existing setup, there are a few things to consider.

If you’re trying to decide between one double or two single garage doors, this list of pros and cons should help you find the right option for your home.

One Double Garage Door

A double garage single door can be a better option if you’re concerned about space restrictions of your garage. The area required for one double-sized garage door is slightly less compared to two single garage doors.

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  • In addition to requiring less width for a double garage door, you can also have more storage room against the internal walls for shelving.
  • Should anyone in your family have mobility problems, a double garage door may offer more space for access to and from vehicles. This is particularly important during bad weather, when the driveway may be slippery.
  • Double garage doors tend to be more common these days, so converting from two single doors to one double door can give your property a modern look.


  • A double door may not be practical for multiple cars, so you may wish to convert to single doors. Having two single doors offers a little more internal space to manoeuvre trailers and bikes, if you’re storing them along with cars.
  • With a double garage door being one piece, you might find your vehicles held hostage if the door is damaged or the opener malfunctions! With two single garage doors, you may be able to use one door for access while you wait for repairs.

Two Single Garage Doors

A centre pillar between two single garage doors divides part of your garage, which reduces the chance of opening your car door onto another car!

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  • Two single garage doors generally have a more balanced look than one double garage door, keeping the exterior of your home in proportion.
  • Single garage doors also make it easier to control the amount of airflow, which can help keep cold air out of your garage (and home).
  • If one door jams, you’ve got a back-up!


  • While the price comparison of two single garage doors to one double is reasonable, factor in extra costs if you want automatic openers for both single garage doors.
  • A single door may not be wide enough if you have a big car. There is nothing worse than knocking the car’s mirror, or worse, scraping the side of your car against the edge of the door.

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