We are pleased to announce three new Colorbond® classic colours; Dover White, Southerly and Bluegum (also available in Matt) for sectional doors and roller doors are now available to order.

The new colours – Dover White™, Southerly®, Bluegum® – are inspired by the Australian landscape and will help to create a more diverse range of looks for homes and businesses.


  • Standard COLORBOND® steel colour palette – the new colours are Dover White™, Southerly® and Bluegum®.
  • COLORBOND® steel Matt colour palette – Bluegum® has also been added.

Dover White; Clean, crisp and timeless

COLORBOND® steel in colour Dover White™ is inspired by the chalky sands, glistening ghost gum bark and pristine alpine snow. Clean, crisp and timeless, COLORBOND® steel Dover White™ brings a fresh direction to the COLORBOND® steel colour palette. Endlessly compatible, this bright white unifies a tonal scheme or brings fresh contrast to darker colours where needed. From distinctive contemporary forms to more traditional style homes, use COLORBOND® steel Dover White™ confidently in roofing and walling or as a highlight through gutters, fascias and garage doors.


Southerly; Elegance and functionality

A reserved hue reminiscent of distant hills, coastal shorelines, and the inviting coolness of a southerly change. COLORBOND® steel in colour Southerly® is a cool grey with pale tones providing abundant possibilities in both residential and commercial designs. When used in roofing, walling and garage doors it enhances concrete and pale timbers while contrasting with rich-coloured brick. COLORBOND® steel in colour Southerly® offers elegance and functionality when used in any application.


Bluegum; Versatility and style

Indicative of cool horizons, morning mists and shades of mountain gums, COLORBOND® steel in the colour Bluegum® is a relaxed grey with a calming mid-tone. Working comfortably in both rural and urban settings, the balanced nature of COLORBOND® steel Bluegum® gives it immediate versatility and style, coordinating easily with dark timbers and naturally honed stone finishes. Use roofing and walling for ultra-modern homes or fencing and sheds as a complementary addition to the tones in silver-grey plants.


Bluegum Matt; Distinctly sophisticated

Indicative of serene mountain gums and brooding horizons, Bluegum® is an inherently tranquil and authentic blue-grey. The soft, tactile finish of COLORBOND® steel Bluegum® in a Matt finish lends an added intensity to its confident blue tone, bringing a distinctly sophisticated character to ultra-modern housing styles in rural, coastal and urban settings. In roofing, walling, gutters and fascias, coordinate the balanced colour and refined lustre of COLORBOND® steel Bluegum® in a Matt finish with dark timbers, honed stone and deep grey paving and as a complement to silver-grey plants.


These exciting new colours are now available to order along with our existing colorbond colour range. View our colorbond colour range below:


Classic Colour Range

Matt Colour Range 

Premium Colour Range

NOTE: Some colours may not be available in some regions in Australia. Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability.


These new additional colours are available to builders and homeowners directly from Steel-Line branches or through our extensive reseller network around the country.

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