Light weight, aesthetically appealing, quiet operation, and effortless installation

Our new AA/B aluminium guide is the market-leading garage door guide with an easy-to-install process, allowing the roller doors to operate smoothly whilst being a dependable barrier to the outside.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new aluminium guides for series “AA” and “B” roller doors for builders and resellers directly from the Steel-Line branch network around the country excluding WA. These changes will take effect for products manufactured on or after the 10th of November 2022.

Light Weight

Given the fact that steel is known for its weight, a pair of steel roller door guides could weigh up to 30kg and require two people to handle. The new aluminium guides from Steel-Line weigh up to a maximum of only 8kg per guide making it significantly more manageable to transport and install.

Aesthetically Appealing

Made from aluminium, the new roller door guide has a smooth bright finish to compliment the inside of your garage or shed. Protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film the finish will maintain its appearance for longer.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

The extrusion profile has been designed along with the lead-in to give the door a smooth pathway into the guide providing effortless motion of the door during opening and closing. The shape of the lead-in ensures that the door enters the guides easily and quietly.

Effortless Installation

In addition to the adjustment slots at the top and bottom of the guide, an integrated v-groove creates a witness-line to use for the required jamb fixings. The intuitive 3-piece design makes assembly of the guide a breeze, and the integrated features make aligning and mounting very easy.

Additional Feature

The new aluminium guide can be fitted with an optional brush seal, adding a level of protection against smoke, draughts, salt, light, dust, insects and bushfire embers.

Who will benefit from this new product?

Installers will benefit from an easier installation method and a lighter track. The three-piece track is made to come together easily, and the incorporated v-grooves make lining up and drilling fixings easy to achieve a neat finish. Customers will be satisfied with the quieter operation and aesthetic appeal of the aluminium finish that will look good anywhere it is installed.

Constant Innovation

Innovation allows Steel-Line Garage Doors to react to changes and discover new opportunities. In doing so, we can adapt the business internally and externally to deliver better products and services and at the same time increase efficiency, quality, productivity and performance.

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