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Custom Made Garage Doors & Garage Door Installation

At PDS Garage Doors  they specialise in designing and installing custom made garage doors in Melbourne. With over 20 years in the automated garage door industry, they have built a formidable reputation for our quality products, excellent customer care and our friendly service.

They also repair, service and automate all types of garage doors, from roller doors, sectional doors and tilt doors to counterweight doors.

Custom Made Garage Doors

Their custom made garage doors are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications and are available in any colour, design, style and size you need. Home owners can match their custom made garage doors to their home’s exterior design, maximising their curb appeal, whilst commercial and industrial businesses can match their branding and present a professional aesthetic to the public.

All of their custom made garage doors come with manufacturer’s warranties and we also offer pensioner discounts as well.

Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is a breeze with their team of experienced technicians who make the whole process smooth and stress free. They make sure that your garage doors are up and operating as soon as possible, making sure your home, commercial or industrial property is safe from the elements.

Why Choose PDS Garage Doors?

They are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom-made garage doors in Melbourne, specialising in professional garage door installations, repairs and services. Due to our exceptional service and value for money, as well as their unlimited range of custom-made garage doors, many of their clients are referred to them via word-of-mouth. We work with Real Estate Agents, Body Corporates and Property Managers.

Talk to one of their specialists today and explore your options!

Cost Effective Custom Garage Doors

PDS Garage Doors designs, manufactures, installs, services and repairs high quality, value for money custom garage doors for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Melbourne.

Since we manufacture all of their custom garage doors locally, they can give you anything you want! The design, style, colour and size of your custom garage door doesn’t matter because they don’t outsource and they don’t buy from other manufacturers – they design to your exact specifications.

Design & Style:

Choose from roller doors, sectional doors, tilt doors, and counterweight doors. Do you want BlueScope Steel or Western Red Cedar?

How about patterned windows in your custom garage door? Whatever design of custom garage door suits your property and your needs, they are onboard!

For their commercial and industrial customers, they can include promotional, or directional messages on any of your custom garage doors, regardless of design.


For residential customers, they can match the colour of your custom garage door to your home’s external colour scheme, enhancing your property’s curb appeal. They can also match commercial and industrial custom garage doors to your company’s branding.


Small, medium, large, super large and enormous! Whatever size custom garage doors you need, they can design and manufacture a professional and cost effective solution for your home or business.

Garage Door Repairs, Melbourne

PDS Garage Doors provides a garage door repair service to their customers in Melbourne, where they repair, service, install or replace your garage doors.

Their local garage repair technicians are highly experienced in repairing all types of garage doors and motors.

Some of the garage door repair issues they often come across in Melbourne homes and businesses include:

  • Broken springs
  • Snapped cables
  • Failed motor
  • Door comes off tracks (tension)
  • Remotes not working

Garage Door Services, Melbourne

As a local garage door service company in Melbourne, they provide a comprehensive service that extends the life of your garage doors, meets your warranty terms and avoids frequent garage door repairs. They recommend that your door is serviced at least every 12 months by a qualified Service Technician.

Their general service includes:

  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Adjust torsion springs
  • Service motor and test operation
  • Check all moving parts

Garage Door Opener Installation Service

They also offer a garage door installation service and a garage door replacement service for our Melbourne customers – they can either install your very first custom made garage door or remove your old door and install a brand new, high quality garage door.

PDS Garage Doors also specialise in commercial work, including Real Estate, Body Corporate, Property Maintenance and Service Contracts.

More information visit: Garage Doors Melbourne | Garage Door Installation & Supply (pdsgaragedoors.com.au)

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