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Steel-Line Accredited Garage Door Installer 

3A Garage Door Solutions is a family-owned business that was established in 2011.

The founder Richard Huot is originally from Canada. He is a master builder by trade who specialised in air-ducted systems for over 20 years. When he came to Australia, his mission was to become a renowned garage door contractor in Brisbane’s metropolitan area.

Richard is a proactive entrepreneur recognised for his excellent ability to deliver quality work and maintain long term relationships in the business community (customers, suppliers, etc.).

Richard is renowned for resolving the most complex issues relating to garage doors and working meticulously with a high level of professionalism. He erected over 2,500 installations and satisfactorily completed thousands of garage door maintenance and repair requests.

He provides excellent customer service and after-sale support.

Garage Door Emergency Service

3A Garage Door Solutions carry a considerable inventory of accessories and parts to resolve most problems instantaneously. Their accessories are suitable for all sizes and most garage door brands.

Garage Door Motors

They supply motors that can suit all kinds of garage doors. They use the most reliable brands and latest technology available in the market to give you peace of mind with a convenient, reliable opening and closing of your automatic garage door. They use the quietest products to minimise disturbance in your home.

The motors are guaranteed and available at a competitive price.


They offer a wide selection of remotes from the following brands:

  • Steel-Line
  • ATA
  • Avanti
  • B&D
  • Boss
  • Centurion
  • Chamberlain
  • Merlin

Thye can deliver and program the remotes for a minimal fee.

Torsion springs

They use torsion springs made in Australia and top quality made for at least 12,000 circles.

Did you know that the weight of the door is reduced by up to 90% with the right tension?

Cables and hinges

They supply and install cables and hinges suitable for most garage door brands.

Garage Door Repairs

They are committed to providing the best garage door repairs Ipswich & South Brisbane to meet customers’ requirements and individual needs in the quickest possible turnaround time with the highest standards of quality.

Need assistance urgently? Benefit from our 24/7 emergency call service.

They resolve a wide-range of garage door problems such as:

  •  broken springs (we carry all sizes to suit your garage door)
  • door stuck in open or closed position
  • door not responding to remote signal
  • motor emits a noise on remote signal
  • door does not move
  • squeaking door
  • noisy motor
  • door does not level on one side
  • frequent interference from nearby devices
  • failed motor receiver
  • repair or replace lifting cables and springs
     and more…

They repair roller, tilt and panelled doors as well as accessories that include springs, cables, remotes, hinges and motors.

They offer prompt service and fix most problems on the day and get your door functioning immediately. They will discuss solutions with you and prepare a free quote in case of a complex issue. 

Garage Door Installation

Need a new garage door? They supply and install top of the range residential garage doors from Steel-Line. They offer a wide selection of garage doors (roller, tilt and sectional doors) as well as accessories such as motors and door openers.

The garage doors are available in an assortment of colours, styles or materials that will strike the eye and enhance your property.

They have a strong work ethic and take pride in personally completing all installations, demonstrating flexibility and offering specialist expertise.

Garage Door Maintenance

They recommend servicing your garage door annually to prolong longevity and keep it smooth and quiet.

They promise to deliver prompt and reliable service for competitively low prices.

Their garage door maintenance covers:

  • adjust and lubricate hinges, wheels, bearings, springs, chains and tracks
  • check screws, nuts, pulleys and drums
  • realign tracks if necessary
  • inspect lifting cables and align if needed

They offer personalised and professional service to enrich your customer experience.


Address: 120A Chermside Rd, East Ipswich QLD 4305

Call: 0435 421 470

Email: Richard.Huot@hotmail.com

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