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Steel-Line Accredited Garage Door Installer

I.M Garage Doors is dedicated to providing the best quality work and service. They are very passionate about what we do. If there is anything that your garage door needs doing they are the right people to get in contact with. 

To keep your garage door in good working order it’s important to have it serviced regularly, or repaired as soon as possible if it gets damaged. 

It’s just as important to choose a professional to do the job, someone with experience and know-how. At I.M Garage Doors they don’t just sell garage doors, they repair and maintain them so your investment will continue to provide hassle-free service for many years. 

Garage Door Servicing 

I.M Garage Doors suggest you call and book a garage door service every 12 months to keep it working smoothly, especially if it’s automated. 

This will maintain the warranty and ensure any small problems are identified and repaired to avoid costly repairs later. 

Garage Door Repairs and Gate Repairs

If your garage door or driveway gates are damaged or dented, I.M Garage Doors’ technician will come and assess the damage and let you know the best and most cost-effective way to repair it. 

On the off chance that your garage door or gates are beyond repair, they will provide a free no-obligation quote to have them replaced. 

How I.M Garage Doors Can Help You

I.M Garage Doors can also assist with the following:

  • General repairs or replacement of a garage door run into by a vehicle
  • Replace broken springs and fraying cables for sectional/panel doors
  • Repairs to roller doors, roller shutters, tilt doors, sectional/panel doors
  • Repairs of tracks, brackets, locks, cables, hinges, bearings, rollers and level up doors
  • Stuck or jammed roller door, tilt door or sectional/panel doors
  • Dropping door due to incorrect spring tension
  • Noisy doors and motors
  • Supply & program new remotes
  • Reset motor operation if not working properly
  • General servicing of garage door and motorisation

Roller Door Installation

I.M Garage Doors can install your new roller door in your home, office, factory or other location.

Having over twenty years of experience in door repairs and maintenance, they are capable of servicing any door ranging from small domestic garage doors through to large industrial roller doors and shutters. They can also offer advice on the best door for your application.

Their quotes for roller door repairs and installations include the removal and disposal of existing damaged components.

Please contact us regarding any roller door repairs for assistance with brands, quality and capabilities.

Roller Door Repairs, Service and Maintenance

I.M Garage Doors offers on-site inspection of your existing doors and can advise on roller door repairs, servicing and preventative maintenance.

They recommend maintaining your doors and gates to extend the life of your valued investment. Please contact them to arrange an obligation free, preventative maintenance discussion based on your specific door type and usage.

They base the frequency of the service using the following guide:

  • 0 – 6 operations per day = yearly
  • 6 – 20 operations per day = six monthly
  • 20 + operations per day = quarterly

The frequency of the service can be discussed at your initial booking and can be amended to suit your preference.


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