If you’re family orientated, and you have children, you’ve probably considered putting a basketball hoop above your garage door. Sure it is great fun; basketball is an awesome team game but there are definitely more appropriate areas to play.

Two main reasons why you shouldn’t play basketball on your driveway or any sport for that matter

  1. You are putting yourself, and your loved ones at risk

garage door sportAccording to the report of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, one child is run over in the driveway of their home every single week in Australia. It doesn’t specify the reasons, but this just goes to show the inexcusable ignorance of safety, if we continue to play sport on our driveways. If you think about the road system today, all driveways are linked to the road, meaning anyone at any time can drive on your driveway with little to no notice. Not only that, but children are children, and they don’t have the awareness of hazards and safety that us adults do. Something as simple as reversing out of your driveway in a rush can cause some severe damage. The danger of this may be a numbing thought, but a necessary one at that; it’s not worth the risk.

  1. Your garage door will be damaged.

Professional basketballers miss the hoop, and you will too. The backboard of the basketball hoop only protects what’s behind, and that’s if you’re accurate. One low shot could mean your garage door will begin to look like a dented beer can. Once the dint is there, it’s near impossible to straighten it out entirely. That’s a problem you can avoid. Try a local basketball park or even putting the hoop in the backyard, away from the doors and windows. Just don’t despise the size and densities of balls. They may not be as hard as a rock, but they still pack a punch; a punch you can avoid.

Ultimately, sports are a vital part of growing up, and we understand the want to provide an opportunity for your family to play whenever they like, but for the sake of your family and your garage door, live by the wise words of the ole’ mullet; “business in the front, party in the back”; keep the basketball hoop away from the front, and keep your garage door in a good condition.

If you’ve read this a little too late, it’s okay. Everybody makes mistakes. Just get in contact with Steel-Line Garage Doors and we will be more than happy to help you rebuild what was once the highlight of your home.

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