The most prominent visual feature of your home is often the garage door. So it makes sense to choose our stunning range of tilt doors, because it is the ideal combination of strength and aesthetic appeal.

If your garage has extremely limited head height at the opening (for example less than 200mm), our tilt door would be the best option for you. Built in a single panel and reinforced with an internal steel frame, the tilt door offers significant design options to meet most imaginations with safety and convenience.

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Tilt doors may not be available in some regions in Australia (e.g. WA). Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability.

Tilt Garage Doors

A lot of older garages can be quite limited in terms of space. If your garage is not large enough to accommodate a roller door or a sectional garage door, it may be time to look at installing a tilt garage door.

Steel-Line tilt garage doors offer the perfect solution for smaller garages or spaces with restricted side or headroom, without compromising on style. As the garage door is often the most prominent feature of your home or building, it is important to choose one that is functional and practical for your specific needs while complementing the design and overall appearance of your home.

The Benefits of Our Tilt Doors

Steel-Line tilt garage doors are fast-opening and easy to operate. Manufactured to fit most garage openings, and easily installed, this product offers safety and convenience. Available in a wide range of exciting Dulux® and Colorbond® colours, our tilt garage doors bring a sleek and modern look to your home.

As tilt doors are commonly used in private garages on residential homes and units, elements such as ventilation, durability and appearance are important. In a world full of options, we have strived to meet all possible needs with a diverse and original product range that covers all bases for our customers.


The tilt garage door provides the largest range of exterior design and finish options for your home. The choice of materials is almost as varied as your imagination allows, and commonly includes plywood and moulding, Western Red Cedar, aluminium composite cladding, and copper sheeting. You can even add windows and personal access doors to your tilt door.


  • Spring balanced to a maximum total weight of 175Kgs
  • Small headroom (min 150mm) and side room (min 100mm) clearance requirements
  • Steel frames


  • Timber
  • Colorbond® steel – K Panel, Mini Corry, Corrugated etc.
  • Windows
  • Personal access doors
  • Flush mount fit so that tilt garage door face is same level as the surrounding façade
  • Top and/or bottom part perforation

Technical Details

The tilt door is built in a single panel and reinforced by an internal steel frame. It opens outwards, on a tilt, swinging upwards until fully open.

This allows a tilting-style door to be installed and manufactured to fit spaces of virtually any size. Our tilt doors offer the perfect solution for that specialty appearance up to 2.4m high x 5.5m wide and where garages have restricted side or headroom. The maximum weight for tilt doors with cladding is 175 kg.

All the tilt doors are individually designed and manufactured to suit the exact size of our client’s garage opening. Should floors slope from one side to the other, the door panel can be manufactured to incorporate an angled bottom rail, or taper, to assist in fitting the garage opening precisely and provide the best finish.


Trust Steel-Line for Your Tilt Door

With over 45 years of experience, Steel-Line Garage Doors enjoys a reputation of delivering exceptional service and unsurpassable products to our customers right across Australia. We are at the forefront of innovation in our industry and boast many awards in recognition of our quality craftsmanship. You will enjoy our friendly service and wide choice of garage door designs and solutions.
Steel-Line has an extensive range of tilt garage doors to suit your requirements. Whether you are lacking space or simply desire a modern and tidy look for your garage, we can provide you with the perfect solution with our variety of stylish tilt garage doors.

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NOTE: Tilt doors may not be available in some regions in Australia. Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability. 

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