Garage Doors for Harsh Environment

Australia is a land of great climate variations – from the tropics to the snowfields.

Steel-Line garage doors are designed to withstand the harsh environment of the Australian climate. Our doors are resistant to insect attack, dust, and rain even embase in bush fire and cyclonic regions with appropriate accessories fitted.

In near corrosion environment, such as in residential area near to the ocean or industrial areas, a simple maintance program is all that is rquired to maintain your Steel-Line garage door.

* In corrosive environments, such as near the ocean, all steel garage doors require considerably more frequent and robust maintenance. We strongly suggest powder coating steel sectional garage doors in such areas.

If you live in a harsh environment, it is sometimes necessary to engineer your garage door a little differently to ensure it withstands the particular stresses it may be subject to and keeps protecting you and your home. Steel-Line Windlock  protects A – AA & B garage and shed roller doors in cyclonic conditions.

Unique design, greater strength

Great strength and rigidity are qualities of the unique design of the Steel-Line Windlock Garage Door System for garage and shed roller doors used in high wind locations. The patented system incorporates a moulded lug secured to the door curtain, which interlocks the matching shaped side-track. The design ensures smooth operation with exceptional wind load characteristics.


A major advantage of the Steel-Line Windlock Garage Door System is that it is as simple to install as a standard Steel-Line garage or shed roller door. Some allowance for extra curtain width is necessary, and provided the support structure is adequate the fixing is quick and easy, using the height adjustable bracket system.

Independently Tested and Certified

Tested and Certified Investigation and calculations for ‘Ultimate Limit State Design’ conducted by Technisearch Ltd., of Melbourne Australia, showed the Steel-Line Windlock Garage Door System complied with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4505-2012, for Category C regions with wind speeds to 70 metres/second, subject to proper fixing of the brackets to an approved supporting structure.

Economical and Versatile

The costs are minimal in comparison to the advantages gained when the Steel-Line Windlock Garage Door System is included in any new installation.

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