Garage doors have become an integral part of the exterior story. When we look at a house, it’s not the garage you necessarily remember, but then why is it such an important part of your exterior selection?

We enter the property and we see the garage door; we leave and it’s the last thing we see. It is often a multi-use storage, car housing and entry, so its importance can’t be neglected. The look of your garage door can impact the look of your house, so reasonable to think of it as part of the scheme. A complement or enhancement: sometimes the same colour as the house, sometimes the contrasting colouring, or texture, or sheen.

colorbond garage doorSo, why has this become such an important accessory? What are some of the newest trends?

We’ve seen the garage door become more streamlined, more efficient, automated, and noiseless, but the design blending into the building’s aesthetic.

With the popularity of “Hamptons” style houses, garage doors became features which matched the façade, mostly traditional sectional garage doors or panels which aligned with the cladding and mostly white.

Alternatively, more modern buildings are blending the garage door to the render or brick. The darker more sombre schemes have now become pale, warmer pairing with natural stone and tiles, cladding in COLORBOND® steel or timber.

The new trend is to return to an old trend…the mid-century modern build has shown this blending of garage door to the building. As the style is low lying, the expanse of the house is accentuated by the garage door on one side which has given rise to colours and the texture blending into the building itself.

The overall design from house to landscaping are all part of the story which will increase the street appeal, so including the garage door helps it all come together – the colour, texture & design.

A growing trend for warmer, earthier facades is paler and more matt being part of the more natural focus of our schemes from outside to inside.

Incorporating a texture contrast of the core range of colours or using the COLORBOND® steel Matt range, there is a large range of neutral colours in the COLORBOND® steel offering.

*COLORBOND® colour names, BlueScope and the BlueScope brand mark are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited.

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