Marantec Comfort 270 Sectional Garage Door Opener

The Comfort 270 sectional garage door opener has been engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest standard to ensure optimum performance. High quality features are included as standard to ensure reliable, safe and quiet operating performance year after year.
Marantec garage door opener


  • 24V DC motor
  • Electrical Input: 240V
  • Rated Door area up to 16.5m²
  • Max door weight up to 165kg
  • Max peak pulling force: 750N
  • One piece C-rail with belt drive (three sizes available)
  • 433.92MHz transmitter frequency with multi-bit technology
  • LED courtesy light
  • Headroom required: minimum door headroom + 50mm

Door Details

  • Suitable for residential spring balanced sectional doors
  • One piece belt C-Rail options:
    • SZ10J – 2m long tilt door rail
    • SZ11R – doors to 2.25m high
    • SZ12R- doors to 2.5m high
    • SZ13R – doors to 3.26m high
  • Max door width: varies based on height (max 16.5m²)

    Compliant to Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60335-2-95

    • Quality Tested: Proven technology coupled with robust design backed up by rigorous quality testing.
    • 7 Year Warranty: 7 year motor warranty, 7 year electronics warranty.
    • Garage Door Stop Programing: This convenient feature allows for the garage door to be stopped at any height for the purpose of ventilation or pet access.
    • Soft Start/Stop Function: Designed to ensure smooth and quiet door operation which is important when the garage is located close to bedrooms or living areas.
    • LED Courtesy Light: This provides the most convenient way to navigate through your garage environment and get in and out of your car (operates for 6 minutes).
    • Transmitter Range: Remote distance – Effective operating range of up to 50m.
    • Auto Safety Reverse: If an obstruction occurs during closing of the door this function causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse direction upon contact with the obstruction.
    • Auto Sensing Force: During operation the force required is constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure economical operation and reduced wear and tear.
    • Digital Limit System: Equipped with digital limit system for ease of programming during installation.
    • Manual Release: In case of power failure you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.
    • In-built Safety Timer: If optional photo eye beams are installed, the automatic closer timer will ensure that your door will close automatically if you forget to close it yourself. 
    • 1 x Power Head
    • 1 x Belt Rail
    • 2 x Two Button Key Ring Mini-Transmitters
    • 1 x Wireless Wall Button

    Two Button Key Ring Transmitter (HT392)

    de231 keypad

    Wireless Keypad (DE231)

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