The modern-day garage no longer just has to be a place to park the car. As space becomes limited and people become more innovative, interesting uses for garage spaces are emerging. Here are a few of the best:


Garages generally have a testosterone-fueled feel, perhaps because they are where cars, motorcycles and tools are usually kept. For this reason, some people have turned them into fully functioning ‘man caves’, where guys create an oasis to incorporate all the things they love so that they can invite their buddies over to relax and unwind. The man cave garage is not only a place for men to do what they like, but it should also be a safe and healthy environment for them. Consider installing a Louvre garage door or a sectional garage door with windows that can give a high level of airflow and natural light.

Aluminium Slatted Garage DoorGames room

This can be a family-friendly zone, incorporating games that everyone can enjoy. In the past, snooker tables and dartboards were popular but the evolution of technology has seen a dramatic rise of the video game set up, with large screen televisions, gaming chairs and sound systems for an immersive experience.


For those that like to keep fit but don’t have time to go to the gym or can’t justify the expense of a gym membership, setting up a home gym can be a great option. Working out in the privacy of your own space can be a liberating feeling as you don’t need to wait for equipment or worry about how you may look to other body-conscious gym-goers.

Home theatre

Who needs to buy cinema tickets when you can create your own home cinema. A garage wall is perfect for a large projector and there’s plenty of space for a row of comfortable television chairs for the whole family to enjoy. Just don’t wake the neighbours with your earth-shattering subwoofer.

Bedroom or guestroom

Prepared to give your teenager some space? Converting the garage into a bedroom can save families during the teenage years by giving the kids their own space and independence, whilst keeping them in the safety of the family home. You could also use this as a guest room if you have regular visitors, providing them with their own privacy when they come to stay.


The rise of the home office is no secret. The garage is the perfect candidate for a home office conversion. Since it is external to the home, it can help create a work and family life separation which is important for many home office workers.

It can also be a more professional look if you have clients that may visit. But the greatest benefit is likely the productivity gains since you will be less distracted.

Yoga studio

The great thing about yoga is that it doesn’t require any expensive equipment. A floor covering and collection of exercise mats is all you need. You can get some great instructive DVDs if you want something to follow along. Or, if you’re more of a pro yourself and looking to turn it into a commercial venture, remember to check your council zoning classifications.

Craft Room

Whether it’s sewing, scrapbooking, or something else that takes your fancy, having your own space can help you focus on your craft. Hang some inspiring pictures on the wall, set up a table at a comfortable height, add some drawers full of supplies and get creating.

Baby playroom

Babies toys have a way of multiplying until they’re suddenly springing up all over the house. Creating a baby playroom can help contain not only the toys but the baby, too! When they start crawling and walking you don’t want to be constantly worrying about where they are getting to in the house (which is never as baby-proofed as you hoped it would be by that time!). Lay some heavy rubber matting, carpet or rugs, add some cushions and bean bags and put in gates and paddings.

Music studio

We’ve seen it in the movies – the next up and coming rock band practicing in a suburban garage. This is still popular use of the garage but it can be taken a step further. Some garages have been turned into fully functioning, sound-proofed music studios where record selling albums can be recorded and produced.

The days of parking your car in the garage and letting the oil drip all over the concrete floor are over. There are so many easy conversions that can add real value to both your home and your life.

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