If you’re planning a trip to Brisbane anytime soon, this article will make perfect sense to you! With so many interesting things to do and places to visit, visitors in Brisbane will fall short of time. In this article, we’ve put together a list of exciting things to do, beautiful places to visit and wonderful experiences to have in Brisbane.

Whether it is strolling in a popular market or clicking pictures at a stunning location, we have everything covered for you!

10 Fascinating Things To Do In Brisbane

Check out this list of 10 exciting things that you can do during your stay in Brisbane:

#1 Get A Glimpse of The Cuddly Koalas In Their Natural Surroundings

If you love flora and fauna, then you can visit the Daisy Hill Koala Center to grab a glimpse of koalas, their habitat and get detailed information on them. The centre is situated amidst the Daisy Conservation Park.

#2 Dive Deep Into Brisbane’s Story At The Brisbane Museum

If history is a subject that fascinates you, you’ll surely enjoy quality time at the Brisbane Museum which is the third floor of the Brisbane City Hall.

#3 Laugh Out Loud At The Brisbane Powerhouse

Every place in Brisbane will have something special for you. On a Friday night, you can visit Brisbane’s Powerhouse and cry with laughter at the Knockoff, a one-hour session of free comedy.

#4 Stroll Through The Native Farmer Markets

If you want to get the feel of a Brisbane suburb local farmers market, then you’re in for a treat. You can buy farm fresh vegetables, meats, flowers and much more at the Jan Powers Powerhouse Market and Saturday’s Davies Park Market.

#5 Enjoy Free Live Performances By Local Artists At CitySound

Every week, you’ll enjoy electric performances by Brisbane’s best local artists and bands at City Sounds, Australia’s largest free live music show at the Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square and several other places or you can also go to the places where the music events are held.

#6 Get A Birds-eye View From The City Hall’s Clock Tower

If you want to get a beautiful view of the King George Square, get into the old lift of the city hall clock tower during the open hours and enjoy a free trip to the top of the tower.

#7 Explore The Nature At The Queensland Museum

Do lions, bears and tigers fascinate you? If yes, then you can visit Brisbane’s Queensland Museum’s Wild State Exhibitions and Discovery Center to discover the best of nature. Entry to the museum is free!

#8 Get Stunned By The Sunrise At Mt Coot-tha

Brisbane’s Mt Coot-tha offers spectacular views of Brisbane and the sunrise at Brisbane’s skyline. Get into the car with your beloved and drive to the mountain top and witness the first set of the golden sun rays.

#9 Witness The Aboriginal Culture

You may have studied about the tunes, stories and traditions of the Aboriginal Culture. Now is the time to witness it on every Wednesday at the primary stage of the Queen Street Mall.

#10 Walk Down To The King Island

During low tide, you can enjoy a pleasant trek to the King Island during the early morning. It’s a 2 km walk through the natural sand paths which get unveiled during the low tides. Surrounded by mangroves, the King Island is one of the most serene places in Brisbane.

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