We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his garage, and we have the

perfect gift ideas to surprise your dad this Father’s Day!

Secura-Lock SD

Secura-Lock SD

Designed to provide enhanced security to your home and garage.

The locking pin extends when the door reaches the closed position, providing you additional security and protection. When opening, the locking pin will automatically retract, disengaging the Secura-Lock and allowing the door to raise to position.

Make your garage the safest place to store your valuable belongings with Steel-Line Secura-Lock SD.

Open Garage Door_Stee-Line

Garage Door Opener

Steel-Line has a remote-control opener for every type of garage door. They are reliable and easy to use. It’s a great gift for people who find it difficult to lift a garage door manually or for those who just want to make life a bit easier! Order a garage door opener today for your loved ones, so they won’t need to get out of the car in the wet or cold weather ever again.


Powermesh Garage Door Controler 

Control your garage door like never before with the Powermesh garage controller sensor and Zimi cloud connect. The Powermesh Garage door controller gives you complete control in the palm of your hand. Some of the amazing features include: Voice control, connect to any garage door, anywhere access and Flightpath technology.

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Garage Door Service 

Is your dad’s garage door in need of repair? Or is he looking to schedule regular maintenance to avoid the need for repairs? Talk to us today about our repair and maintenance services to keep your dad’s garage door in shape.


Photo Electric Beam

The Photo-Electric Beams are designed to detect an obstruction while the door is closing and to send a signal to the opener to reverse or stop the door’s movement. It helps to protect your family from injury and your car from the damage caused by contact.

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