One of Australia’s most prominent garage door specialists and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of door controls have entered into a partnership. This will see the development of a high-tech range of garage door automation products for the retail market. They will combine their respective expertise in garage door construction and garage door automation to better serve this continually growing market.

Steel-Line Garage Doors has been servicing Australian homeowners in excess of 35 years, providing the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of garage doors to homes and buildings all over the country. Despite its long history, Steel-Line continues to be the fastest growing garage door manufacturer in the nation.

The Chamberlain Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of automated door access products for both the residential and commercial markets. They will bring their specialist knowledge of automation and access controls to the partnership with Steel-Line, resulting in a venture that will incorporate the latest technologies with superior sales and support of garage doors.

Both companies share common values of high quality products, and have a fundamental goal of providing better garage door automation products and exceptional service to more Australians than ever before. Neill Evans, CEO of Steel-Line, has indicated that both companies will seek to further fast track their growth and the quality of their products under the arrangement.

Rob Marais, The Chamberlain Group’s Oceania President has echoed this sentiment, stating that Steel-Line’s reputation for both quality and service is exactly the same mission as Chamberlain Group’s, giving weight to the synergies on offer from this deal.

The products manufactured under this new alliance will meet Australian Standards and provide greater choice to a range of industry professionals including builders, designers, and garage door specialists. Distribution will be handled through Steel-Line’s existing channels with the added support of the Chamberlain Groups four Australian distribution centres. Full sales, service, and warranty capabilities will be part of the arrangement.

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