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Welshs Garage Doors is a third-generation building company based in Warrnambool, Victoria.

Aubrey Welsh commenced business in Geelong in about 1947. In 1950 Aub decided to open a branch manufacturing roof tiles in Warrnambool as he used to transport and fix roofing tiles in Warrnambool and district. Brian Welsh took over the business in 1975 and decided to diversify into other products, which proved to be successful.

Bricks, floor and wall tiles, glues, grouts, roofing (metal roofing, tile roofing, fascia and gutters), roller and panel doors are just some of the larger items we specialize in.
Now set up in Braithwaite Street, our generous rooms showcase all we have to offer, with many friendly staff to help out with your needs.

Whether for residential or commercial applications, they have the product range and more importantly the product knowledge and training behind them to assist you.

Their walk-through displays are both extensive and interactive, presented in the best possible manner showcasing varying product ranges to help you visualise the finished result.

Their goal is not just to provide you with numerous product choices, but to also support those products with detailed information, whether it be technical, suitability for your project or aftercare.


  • Garage Doors

Welshs Garage Doors are designed to the individual needs and requirements of our clients, so you can be confident when purchasing with them, as they care about the quality of their products as much as you do. All of their garage doors are designed and manufactured here in Australia which means they are specifically made for all Australian weather conditions from durable Colorbond® steel.

Their extensive range includes roller doors, panel lift doors, tilt panels, remote automatic opening doors and much more for residential and commercial properties. They also ensure every installation is backed up by our service and repair team.

  • Roller Doors

Welshs Roller Garage Doors are all designed and manufactured here in Australia durable for all your residential and commercial needs. They have different suppliers, Steel-Line, B&D and Taurean who each offer various options for your roller door. Their roller doors are made in single or double-width sizes as standard, with custom sizes available adding style and character to your property.

As with all of their Garage Doors, they will install your roller door to operate with minimal noise and friction along with having the option to provide remote control installation where vehicle access is required.

  • Sectional Doors

Make a modern yet elegant impression by styling up your property with an attractive sectional panel lift door from Welshs Garage Doors. Sectional (Panel Lift) Doors comprise a number of horizontal hinged rigid sections/panels that slide along overhead tracks parallel with the ceiling space creating a lightweight stylish garage door but also gives the benefit of being able to install it on nearly every type of garage opening shape.

The sectional door remains inside the garage as it operates unlike one-piece tilt doors, they do not protrude forward into the driveway. This means that you can park your car directly against your garage door without the worry of it getting damaged or hit by a door opening into it.

At Welshs Garage Doors, they design their doors with strength and durability. We use galvanized steel tracks and hinges which are designed to suit weights and cycles exceeding standard domestic sectional doors. The hinges are fully adjustable, so the outside finish is perfectly flat and has minimal gaps around the edge of the door. Each panel is constructed of the highest quality materials not only to look professional and attractive but to provide protection from intruders and all types of weather.

Each of their different suppliers, Steel-Line, B&D, Danmar, 4D Doors – European Range and many more offer various styles and Colorbond, Woodgrain, Smooth and Textured colour options to suit your sectional panel lift door.

They cover all types if applications from sheds to houses to replacements and with over 10 years of installation expertise they can guarantee a perfect install every time.

  • Tilt Doors

Tilt Panel Doors are built in a single panel, giving your property a truly tailored and unique appearance. The door is fitted with pivoting arms at both sides of the opening, which allow the door to move out and up from a vertical position into a horizontal position.

Let your imagination run wild when choosing this style of the garage door. Tilt garage doors are fully customisable and individually designed and manufactured to suit the exact size of the client’s garage opening. The Tilt Door can be added to a variety of layouts, forms and materials to cater to any specific budget or requirements and can be remotely operated.

The door is built with a galvanised steel frame then cladding either horizontally or vertically, either by them or your builder with the material and design of your choice, most commonly Western Red Cedar, copper sheeting, plywood, moulding, cladding, clear or textured glass/acrylic and many more.

Other Products

  • Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles
  •  Outdoor Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Retaining Wall Blocks
  •  House Bricks
  • Timber & Laminate Flooring
  • Roof Tiles

Garage Door Service

Welshs Garage Doors offers servicing and repairs on your garage doors across South West Victoria. They can service all types of manual and automatic remote-control garage doors including roller doors, tilt doors and sectional panel lift doors. Their experienced team is also about to service and repair your automatic gate operators.

They can help with:

  • Routine servicing
  • Garage doors repairs
  • Gate repairs
  • Automation / Remote controls
  • Door alignment
  • Spare parts
  • Seal, hinge, cable, spring replacement

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