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Steel-Line Accredited Garage Door Installer

Coffs Garage Doors & Motors is an expert in installing, repairing and servicing garage doors. Specialising in roller doors, they provide a seamless entry into your home or commercial property. With after-hours servicing and a 24-hour emergency repair service, they’re there to make sure your garage door is always functioning at its best.

They service all makes and models of garage door, and our preferred suppliers include Steel-Line, B&D, Merlin Boss and Chamberlain products. On top of that, they install and repair motors for your door and recode and replace faulty door remotes.

Coffs Garage Doors & Motors was established in the Coffs Harbour area in 2016. With a long history in the industry, we have a small, highly trained team who can install your garage doors or perform any maintenance you may need.

Fully insured, our qualified technicians aim to give you a visually appealing façade to your home or commercial property while still providing a high-quality product.

Committed to safety, we offer a 24-hour emergency repair service to take care of any problems that could potentially pose a danger to yourself or your family, such as broken torsion springs.

Not only that, we try to get out to you that same day for other repairs and most installations.

Garage Doors

Roller doors are our specialty, but they can install, maintain or repair any model of garage door.


While some prefer manually operated garage doors, some enjoy garage doors that do all the work for you.

Motors can be applied to all types of garage doors and will save you the hassle of getting in and out of your car. Not only that, modern-day motors are very quiet and don’t use as much energy as previous models—some can even come with battery backup so that the unit can still be used if there is no external power. This will mean you don’t have to think twice about putting your car in the garage any time of the night or day.

Coffs Garage Doors & Motors can fit motors when installing a brand-new garage door to residential homes or commercial spaces. They can also install motors to pre-existing garage doors. This is a good compromise for those wanting to automate their garage door without wanting the expense of replacing the whole door.

Remote Controls

Having a motorised, automatic garage door, and having a remote control, makes for easier control of the door and means that you don’t need to keep getting in and out of your car to manually open and close the door.

As remote controls operate on radio frequencies, sometimes they do get interference from other sources, however, modern units are encrypted to protect against code grabbers that will mimic the remote and allow intruders access to your property.

To make sure that your remote is working at its premium all the time, it’s a good idea to have it serviced regularly, along with the rest of your garage door and motor.

In the event that your garage door remote breaks, gets lost, or stops communicating with the receiver entirely, their experienced technicians are able to code you a new one.

Garage Door Installation & Maintenance

Garage doors are a staple of Australian homes, and often times they’re the largest moving component in your home.

 Doors can be installed at any time, whether it’s a new build, renovation, or updating an old door and can often elevate the look of your home or business.

Coffs Garage Doors & Motors’ qualified technicians are experienced in the installation of all makes and models of garage doors. They can also supply doors from high-quality brands such as Steel-Line, B&D, Merlin, Boss and Chamberlain, which include tilt doors, roller doors, and sectional or panel doors.

Regular maintenance is the key to a well-performing garage door, making sure all hinges and components work as they should. Your door should be professionally looked at every two years to ensure smooth operation and to prevent any problems that may arise in the future.

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