A recent article in The Midlothian Advertiser provided some useful tips on how to improve the security of your house and garage.

  • Windows – these are highly vulnerable areas of your home, particularly on the ground floor. Fit locks to all ground floor windows, particularly sash windows, which can be opened from outside. Consider installing laminated glass, as this does not break into pieces that a burglar can remove to gain access.
  • Outbuildings – garden sheds are a particular favourite for burglars, as they often have valuable items stored in them such as tools and lawnmowers. They also have items such as ladders than can be employed during a break in, so always lock your garden shed or outbuildings with a quality padlock.
  • Garages – these are also vulnerable to break in, particularly if they have an internal access to the house. This door should be kept locked at all times and the garage door itself should be kept closed and locked. Any windows in the garage should also have locks and preferably laminated glass as well.
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