If your garage door is starting to malfunction, this troubleshooting guide on redbeacon.com may help to pin down the cause.

  • Door won’t open or won’t close – this could be caused by several things. Check the track for obstructions. Check that moveable parts are well lubricated and have a professional check the springs for tautness.
  • Door opens, then closes again – this may be a problem with the sensor. Check that it is clean and that there is nothing in its path that might be triggering it.
  • Door will not completely close – this could be one of several things. First make sure there is nothing physical obstructing the door. Then check the height sensors to ensure they are working correctly. If all seems normal, have a professional check the springs, as this may be the problem.
  • Remote doesn’t work – first check the batteries to make sure they’re not flat. Then check the power source to make sure it’s on. If it is neither of these things, have the motor and springs checked by a professional.
  • Loud noise when operating – this may be a sign that a part is broken in the door mechanism or that something is in dire need of lubrication.
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