An article on popularmechanics.com provides a handy checklist on how to solve those inevitable garage door dilemmas.

  • Dilemma One – you’ve lost power. You need to get your car out of the garage, but the electric opener doesn’t work.

Solution – pull the red manual override cord hanging from the door track. This allows you to open the door manually.

  • Dilemma Two – your old garage door is sagging, making it difficult to open and close.

Solution – adjust the diagonal tension rods on the back of the door until it begins to square up. If your door doesn’t have tension rods, you can buy them at any home centre.

  • Dilemma Three – your garage door won’t lock.

Solution – this is often because the two horizontal bars stretching from the centre of the door to the track have moved over time and are no longer properly aligned with the locking slots in the sides of the door. To fix, loosen the guide brackets and reposition them, then tighten and lubricate with oil.

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