DecoWood® Garage Doors in Western Australia

DecoWood® garage doors are the perfect solution for homeowners looking to balance high end design with practical functionality.

Thanks to modern technology DecoWood® is manufactured to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to garage doors; the class of a timber look finish with the durability and strength of steel. This means you can have a stylish timber looking door at the entrance to your home without the burden and expense of maintaining real wood.

The Best of Timber

Timber garage doors may look spectacular and increase the level of sophistication and class of your home.  Using genuine timber, however, comes wrought with problems like warping, shrinking, splitting, rotting and termites which are all common problems in Western Australia’s diverse climates.  DecoWood® allows you to enjoy the elegance of a timber finish without all the worries that come with it.

Unlike most timber-imitation doors, DecoWood® is incredibly convincing and looks impossibly real.  They have a unique manufacturing process that gives them a 3D finish that will fool even the keenest eye.  You would never know they were made from steel.

The Best of Steel

The charm of timber comes hand in hand with the reinforced strength of steel with DecoWood® garage doors.  Steel offers the durability, reliability and security that are essential for garage doors.

In the extremes of Western Australia’s climates, homeowners need garage doors that are tough enough to withstand the intense heat of summer, the chilly cold of winter and everything in between.

We know homeowners want garage doors that will stand the test of time, which is why we only use the best materials available, like BlueScope Steel.  This includes the marine grade powder coated steel used to make our DecoWood® doors.

Originally an Italian concept, we are proud to support our local Australian manufacturers who make our DecoWood® doors, ensuring they meet our high manufacturing standard.

In Western Australia, our DecoWood® garage doors are available in Textured finish only; Slimline and Flatline profile only.

Slimline Profile

Flatline Profile

Stunning Range of Colours

Our DecoWood® doors come in a variety of sensational colours. The nine available shades have been chosen to match a selection of hues found in various timbers. With colours ranging from the light American Oak to the dark Wenge, there is sure to be a timber hue to perfectly complement your home’s exterior.

Fantastically Affordable

Steel-Line focuses on value and quality with every range we produce. Our DecoWood® collection is no exception – these wonderful garage doors are an affordable solution for adding style and protection to your house.

Love the concept but not a fan of timber? Our DecoVogue® range could be just what you’re searching for. These doors use the same ‘disguised steel’ idea, but they swap the wooden aesthetic for a variety of other stylish finishes. Alternatively, if you want the timber look and you won’t settle for anything other than the genuine article, we have a fantastic selection of timber garage doors available as well.

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