A revolutionary new concept in garage doors combining a range of unique natural looking photo imaged coatings with the strength of Australian BlueScope® Steel – exclusive to Steel-Line.

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DecoVogue® garage doors are not available in Western Australia.

DecoVogue® Garage Doors

The Steel-Line DecoVogue® range is a revolutionary garage door concept. These products merge impressive image-coated finishes with sturdy steel to provide Australian households with stylish and secure garage doors.

These doors are unlike anything else on the Australian residential market. They are manufactured using licensed technology patented by Decoral, an Italian company leading the way in innovative system designs, and they are available in an exciting range of colours and patterns.

To help you visualise how amazing a DecoVogue® garage door could look on your home, try our visualisation tool today. You can also explore a comprehensive variety of other stylish options by viewing our online gallery.

Fashionable and Functional

When building a new garage or renovating an existing one, it can be difficult to find an option that ticks all the boxes. You need a door that will keep your home safe from the weather while also drawing attention for all the right reasons. Our DecoVogue® collection does both with ease by combining a flawless aesthetic with reliable BlueScope Steel (an exclusive Steel-Line material).

The unparalleled appeal of this range comes from how natural the finished product looks. Our process involves using a real image of the appropriate material and then creating a film, which is then photo-imaged onto your door using a polymer-based coating of powder. This process is exclusive to the Steel-Line network and is the key to what makes our DecoVogue® models look so authentic – even up close, it’s almost impossible to tell these doors are actually made of steel!

Mix and Match to Suit Your Home

Every house is different; what blends perfectly with one décor may clash terribly with another. This is why our DecoVogue® collection lets you choose from several stylish profiles and fantastic colours. You could give your garage a new look with a Platinum Glacier door, or maybe you’d prefer dazzling your neighbours with a Rustic Slimline design. Steel-Line allows you to mix and match to create the perfect aesthetic for your home’s exterior.

The Security of Steel

As with any steel garage door from Steel-Line, you can rely on your DecoVogue® door to provide your family with safety and security. Our products are built with the best materials available, including Australian BlueScope Steel, and our manufacturing processes are of the highest possible standard. This ensures any DecoVogue garage door we install for you will have exceptional longevity and resilience. With the harsh weather we experience all too often in Australia, we know how crucial it is to have a garage door that can go the distance.

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Outstanding Value for Money

This range carefully balances quality with affordability, which means you can add a stylish and secure touch to your home without breaking your budget.

If you have your heart set on a timber aesthetic for your garage doors, you’ll want to check our DecoWood range®. This collection uses the same concept as DecoVogue® but with timber finishes.

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