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Colorbond® Metallic Colour upgrade for the price of

a standard Colorbond® Sectional Door.

Whilst Stocks Last

Developed in conjunction with leading colour consultants and innovative paint technology to meet emerging market trends, the Steel-Line Colorbond® Metallic colour garage door will create a façade for your house that will be the envy of your neighbours.

The new innovative paint type and production method strategically places particles in the paint system to optimise light penetration and colour reflectivity to increase brilliance. A simple play of light is all that’s needed to bring out the signature metallic finish on the Steel-Line Colorbond® Metallic colour garage door.
As light gently washes over the mica particles in the metallic finish, a unique perception of depth is achieved. In addition, the mica particles create a striking effect as the appearance of the painted surface changes depending upon the lighting condition and viewing angle.
The distinctive reflective surface of the Steel-Line Colorbond® Metallic garage door draws on the environment and surrounding structure, enabling you to enhance your home with subtle yet dramatic effects, endless nuances and dynamic changeable qualities.
You will have peace of mind, knowing that the new Colorbond® Metallic steel substrate is protected by Activate™ technology and AS/NZS 2728 compliance.

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