We’ve been working day in and day out to put together this list of 5 top-rated restaurants in Brisbane. These restaurants have been picked from a list of hundreds of Brisbane restaurants offering a wide-range of cuisines, drinks and desserts! Based on the quality of food, value for money and special offerings, we present before you, the 5 best-rated restaurants in Brisbane.

5 Best-rated Restaurants In Brisbane

#1 Urbane

Urbane is one of the top-rated restaurants in Brisbane with a great reputation and awards to its name. It’s is fine dining restaurant with an exceptional menu and high-quality services.

Within the same restaurant, you can grab a taste of five different types of bar and dining experiences. From fine-dining to bar cuisines and even a fresh garden menu, various spaces are beautifully placed around a central kitchen, each with its stunning ambience and furniture.

The menu is divided into herbivore and omnivore, with 5 courses and 7 courses menu options for each, with a variety of wines in the list adding life it.

Must Try Dishes: Juniper, Wagyu, Celeriac

Type of Cuisine: Contemporary

#2 Aria

Another king in the world of fine dining – Aria is one of Brisbane’s best-rated restaurants with spectacular views of the Brisbane river, sub-tropical dishes and exemplary services.

All dishes at this restaurant are cooked using season fresh produce which is sourced locally. A decorative list of international award-winning wines is an added luxury.

Fresh watermelon served with creamy burrata, juicy octopus grilled for hours on coal, crunchy lettuce, and the list is endless.

Must Try Dishes: Sweetbreads, Roast rack with lamb bacon

Cuisine: Contemporary

#3 Detour

One of Brisbane’s most delightful fine-dining spots, Detour is a marvellous restaurant and bar with a fabulous menu.

Situated in a heritage building which was an ancient tyre factory, Detour’s interiors are an amalgamation of elegant contemporary design and industrial fashion, featuring metal, wood and glass. The tables are decorated with beautiful Italian cutlery and placed next to the naturally created brick walls.

The menu is categorized as herbivore and omnivore.

Must Try Dishes: Cured Black Kingfish, Seawater Potato, Beer Battered Fries

Cuisine: Contemporary

#4 Gauge

Well, it is not easy to understand the “Gauge”.

For some, it is a serious café, while for the other it is a fine dining restaurant.

Built with infinite creativity and a casual touch, this restaurant is one of the best cafes in Australia. The food is far too amazing, and honestly, it is difficult to describe the flavours in mere words.

It’s your everyday food, cooked to the next level – bacon sangas cooked using the homemade barbeque, silken almond tofu with eggplant, slow-cooked lamb neck with mustard and warrigal greens and so on.

The drink list is decorated with top-rated wines and liquor from some of Australia’s most modern age producers.

Must try dishes: Pomelo, Spanner Crab

Cuisine: Contemporary

#5 The Apo

Located in a splendid 150-year-old ancient terrace in the lively heart of the valley, the Apo is the younger sibling of Gerard’s Bistro. You can eat till you drop, drink to satisfy your heart and dance till your feet stop at this fabulous restaurant. It’s the perfect choice for those who’re looking for something exciting, yet basic, but definitely not something fancy like fine-dining.

It is all about yummy food and quick bites that satisfy your taste buds. Pizzas, burgers, tacos and delicious snacks – you can choose from a wide-range of food items available in the menu.

Order some lip-smacking snacks and pair them with chilled beer, wine or cocktails.

Must try dishes: Cheese and Garlic Calzone Pizza, Apo Cheeseburger, Shoestring Fries

Cuisine: Contemporary

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