Folding Doors

The Steel-Line Folding Door is designed as a user friendly door with ventilation, easy opening and closing and access requirements to meet various specifications. A choice of various panel infills is available to provide a pleasing visual appearance.

folding door

SC Folding Doors

The SC Folding Door is available in single or bi-parting opening. For increased flexibility a curved track allows the multiple hinge panels to move around the curve.

The SC Folding Door is designed to ease the problem in opening and closing the door. With a push of a hand, the door will travel down to the pocket.

Constructed from extruded aluminium sections with interlocking hinges and rollers which allow the panel to fold / slide and stack in the pocket. There are two (2) available panel widths: 300mm and 150mm. The SC Folding Door featured in this brochure has 3mm clear polycarbonate.

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NOTE: This product may not be available in some regions in Australia. Please check with your local Steel-Line branch regarding availability.